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The Iceman here…

Ok, i havent lost the plot, but following in that long line of Poker Shark Branding, i think it would be a good idea if we share our favourite, quick menu’s of the day………and Shark Fin Soup is NOT on the menu…


Icy’s Lamb and Apricot Hotpot……Serves 4.


750g of Lamb Shoulder or Boneless Leg

1 tbsp olive oil, 2 onions(sliced),2 tsp fresh thyme or 1 of dried, 2 bay leaves, 2lb potatoes, 6oz of dried apricots, 1 pint of veg or chicken stock.


  1. Pre heat oven to 180 C, gas mk 4. Cut the lamb into chunks. Heat the oil and gentley fry the onions for 10 mins until soft. Add the thyme and bay leaves.
  2. Thickly slice the potatoes and arrange a third of them at the bottom of a deep, casserole dish, with about a 2 Ltr capacity. Put half the lamb on top, then half the onions and then half the apricots. Half of the remaining potatoes, the remainder of the lamb, then the remainder of the onions and the last of the apricots. Finish with the last layer, the top, with the potatoes.
  3. Heat the stock and pour over the ingredients. Cover the dish tightly and bake for 1.5 hours. Remove the lid and cook for a further 30 minutes to brown the potatoes. You can serve direct from the dish.

Prep Time=15 minutes, Cook Time= 2hours………………Easy and Delicious…Enjoy.


Just think, by the end of season 6, we could be seeing our very own Poker Shark Cookbook on the shelves of local retailers, soon to be followed by Channel 4’s  Ready Steady Pokershark, hosted by our very own Lynx, Pokergod, aka The Man Upstairs, bounding out of a very large Sharks mouth, doing the Lynxy Shuffle….

Eat Ya Heart out Delia, the Poker Sharks are in Town….

So post up those quick recipes and lets eat healthy for 2008, who knows, it may catch on.

As Usual, see you out there

The Iceman

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Comment by kaysus
2008-01-12 13:28:41

Kay’s garlic and lemon smoked mackerel. (serves 2)

2 whole mackerel,6-8 large potatoes, 3 onions,2 spring onions,3 garlic cloves, 1 lemon, 1-2 corgettes. red wine vinegar(or red wine)

step 1..peel 3 onions and place 2 on a baking tray and place into a preheated oven gas mark 200

step 2..peel potatoes and chop into small pieces (these will be small rosties so smallish sizes squares will do) part cook on the hob for 10-20 mins in simmering water. once done place on baking tray with the 2 whole onions for about 30 mins (my oven is crap so cooking time will vary)

step 3..making ur own garlic butter..crush garlic cloves and slice finely on a chopping board. salt to ur own prefernece (i use 3-4 pinches of salt)and then turn knife on side and crush salt into sliced garlic ad some butter(a decent knife scoop is all thats needed) and mix on a small plate

step 4..slice spring onions and put inside the mackrel then spread garlic butter inside also, get 2 large pieces of tinfoil 1 for each of the mackerel. then chop the spare onion finely and scatter around the fish. finaly squeeze half a lemon over each of the mackerel and then wrap each fish in their tinfoil. place on baking tray for 20-30 mins. (check for the last 10 mins)

Step 5..chop corgettes however u like and then put a little oil in a wok and part fry (wok need to be very hot for next step) once they have been in for about 5 mins pour in 1/4 cup of red wine vineger and simmer untill vineger has gone.

as soon as all is ready place fish on plate with everything else (and pour the juice from the fish in the tinfoil over the fish its the best bit ) and enjoy

if you try this please let me know wat u think this is truly one of my favourite dishes so hope you enjoy..


p.s great idea ice

Comment by kaysus
2008-01-12 19:10:48

its not smoked this was a slip of the finger

Comment by chloecakes
2008-01-12 20:39:52

Great idea icy,
yours and kays dishes sound delicious, i’m starving now, lol.

Comment by Lynx
2008-01-14 21:06:20

The Lynx Special 7 Minute Meal
(great for cheap dates)

1. Remove Chicken Madras curry from packet and pierce packaging.
2. Put in microwave for 4 minutes on full power.

4mins later…

3. Put a bit of water into the rice and return to microwave for a further 3 minutes.
4. At the same time put a kema naan into the oven along with a few samosas plus 2 plates.

3mins later…

5. Remove contents of the oven and dish out the curry onto the hot plates.
6. Crack open a few cans and enjoy.

If that doesnt impress her, she aint the right girl for you :-).

Comment by chloe cakes
2008-01-15 02:14:36

pmsl! what a freakin cheapskate you are after that lynxie, rofl. 🙂

Comment by Lynx
2008-01-15 18:19:18

I’ve got some Steak n Pepper sauce with some nice bottle of plonk for the special ladies.

Shh though, its a secret.

Comment by The Iceman
2008-01-15 19:19:08

Lets make sure we get a Photo of that for the Front Cover of the Book, Lynx…..

Comment by spindry
2008-01-15 11:41:46

Spin’s Chicken Heaven


2 x Chicken Breasts
1 x Pack of Smoked Back Bacon
2 x Cloves Garlic
2 x Spring Onions
Piri Piri Spices
Austrian Smoked Cheese (Find it in every supermarket)

1, Take two large Chicken breasts (pref free range as thay taste soo much nicer) and carefully slice into the middle of the breast making a pocket which you will want to fill with crushed garlic, finely chopped spring onion and some austrian smoked cheese.

2, Now once you have filled the pocket sprinkle a little piri piri spices onto the top of the breast (depending on your love of hot food the more the better) now wrap the stuffed chicken breast in smoked back bacon and put it onto a backing dish.

3, Put into the oven for 45-55 mins dependin how big the breasts are at 200 degrees and the chicken will cook in the juices (so make sure the baking dish has a rim so juices don’t escape) from the the cheese but the bacon will keep the meat very moist and be very suculent.

4, Serving suggestion I like to have mine on a bed of spicy cous cous but can have chips or veg with it also as is a pretty versatile little number.

If your not a spicy food lover remove the piri piri and replace with some mixed herbs for another tasty dish, Austrian smoked cheese is serioulsy cheap I pay 80p for it at local Sainsburys and have tried this dish many times with different cheeses and this has worked the best by far.

Bon Appetite.


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