A little note

It’s not often I write non-announcement type post, but i feel there is a need for one right about now.

Season 6 is just around the corner and behind the scenes there is a hive of activity getting everything ready (full details in the forum).  I hope to see as many of you as possible back for Season 6 and for many Seasons after that.  However, I’m aware that Poker Sharks is in a very competitive arena and there are many online games that are just as absorbing as Poker Sharks can be.

I realise we have a few issues in Poker Sharks regarding the poker room that have been present for quite a while.  Whilst it may seem like im dragging my heals and not doing a lot about it, its far from the truth.  I’d like to explain a bit further into the issues the poker room has had.

*A year ago*

Once i had saved up the pennies I decided a great addition would be to have a poker room in Poker Sharks so went ahead and started developing one.  In this development we learnt a lot, and made some mistakes, fixed them and moved on to the next task.  Once we were happy the Poker room went live.  Unfortunatley there were some problems – thats fine, we fixed those within weeks.  Then some more issues cropped up – so we fixed those.  Then some more, etc etc.  As time went on we discovered that the bugs were getting harder and harder to find and then fix.  To the point where we are chasing our own tails (yes Lynx tails).  This brings us up to date as of a couple of months ago.  Since then we have started over, totally from scratch on a brand new poker room.  We have learnt so much from the initial poker room that this new one is being built in a much more structured and effecient way.  Its much easier to test and will also cope with many tables all playing at once.

*back to today*

So to cut through the detail, this new poker room will be going live in mid season 6 so April/May time.

I realise that when people pay a fee for a service (such as a game), then you expect a certain level of performance from that service.  With regards to the poker room, we may have dropped below that acceptable level.  I take the full blame for this and hold my hands up.  Even the most disgruntled of players must agree that there has still been many a happy hour in the poker rooms and the small community we have here really makes it.  Its very rare to have such a good community for an online game, i dont think ive ever played for more than an hour on a real money poker site without being called some obsentity countless times everytime i win a hand.

*queue the smallest violin in the world* 

Poker Sharks is run by me, Lynx, one person.  As it stands today i run this game in my spare time and dont make a penny for my time.  Web development, hosting and marketing more than absorb any income so the set up is slightly different to some other online games provided by Yahoo, or alike.

I dont want to harp on about that because its my ambition to have the new poker room launched in the coming months and then to go on a full offensive to get thousands of new players and then the money will come flowing in.  I’ll be doing these blog posts on my private yet on my way to Vegas in a year or two so its all good.

So to sum up

Poker Sharks is still evolving and yes we have a few issues.  Looking passed that we still have a unique game here that really puts the fun back into poker and is fun for all the family.  We have one of the best online communities i have ever come accross and I will need everyones help to maintain this as we grow into a game with 10s of thousands of players.



(PS There is going to be some high limit poker being played in the poker room over the next couple of days to spend the last of those chips – if you have any spare, pop in and have a splash, you could win big)

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Comment by The Iceman
2008-02-21 20:54:20

Best Blog of the season Lynx….
Its refreshing to see such honesty and something that explains the way forward for Pokersharks and its members.
I for one will be pleased for you when your hard work bears fruit, by keeping everyone informed, they will no doubt stand by you.
As for obscenities being thrown about when YOU win a hand, that can be arranged…………How much did you win last night….????

Comment by Lynx
2008-02-21 23:04:12

Glad you appreciated it Ice, i need to do more updates like this.

Haha, well i think i won about 100k last night and to be fair i think spanky may have uttered a few words of discontent. All in good humour of course ;-).

Comment by chloecakes
2008-02-22 01:46:08

I got 1 thing to say to you….
djfhdfgbjdfhasihfja, lol

Comment by mumsy
2008-02-22 14:21:13

LYNX keep up the good work.

I hope you gonna get rid of the win button pmsl ( only kiddin )

hope poker sharks goes from strength to strength for you, good luck for season 6 x

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