This is the 5 minute Tutorial desinged to get you up and running as quickly as possible.  Once you’ve read this you’ll be ready for the more advanced Tutorial.

Im going to break it down into 10 steps:

1. As you now have a new Poker Shark it will get older by 1 day each day in real time.  Each day you need to login and update various different aspects for your Poker Shark to keep it advancing up the rankings.  To do this, follow the next steps…

2. First thing to do are your Poker Skills up in the top right of the screen.  You can do 4 of your 8 poker skills each day.  A poker skill game consists of playing a hand of poker where you control the cards by clicking on them with the aim to get the best hand possible.  If you’re not sure what hands are good or not check this out.  If you’re still not sure, have a look at the vid:

3. Change your Luck card.  Click ‘Change’ chip and choose one of the 13 cards that are dealt face down.  The cards are from 2 – Ace and its important to get as high a card as possible.  There are 2 Luck games, one in the main game where you get 1 attempt, and one game in the Poker Den where you get 3 attempts:

4. Get more chips by playing the Job game.  The bottom of the screen you will see a chip with ‘Job’ on it.  Click that and try and get 4 of the same card to get a payrise.  This will mean you get paid more chips each day the higher up the job ladder you can get your Poker Shark.  There is a 2nd Job game called ‘Moonlighting’ inside the poker den too.

5. Change your Diet.  Click the diet chip and upgrade what your Poker Shark is eating.  It costs chips to upgrade but the nicer the food the more Value points are added to your score each day.  Each time you upgrade your Diet you will need to wait a certain amount of days until you can research the next diet.  The time left for each Diet is clearly displayed and their are some juicy deserts inside the poker den.

6. Upgrade your Home.  If you have spare chips its worth buying a nicer house from the list to boost you up the rankings.  These add a nice chunk of Value onto your Poker Shark plus there are Holiday homes to be brought inside the poker den.

7. Buying ‘Stuff’ can really help you as these items also come with poker skill attached.  Choose the items that appeal to you but beware, these items can be won in challenges by other players so buying too much too soon could mean you lose these items later on.

8. Enter a Tournament.  You will need to wait 3 days until you can enter a tournament but once you’re in click on the white chip in the top left of the Tournaments page.  Once entered you will need to wait until the next day for the tournament to be played.  If you win the tournament you will be able to enter the next bigger tournament with bigger possible winnings.  If a touranment says ‘delayed’ it means it is waiting for other players to join as there needs to be at least 5 players to play a tournament.  The Blue Tournament button will flash to show you the result of the tournament plus any trophies you win will be put in the Trophy room located in the poker den.

9. Go and Challenge someone!  This is the scary part of Poker Sharks where you directly take poker skill and items off other players.  Click the challenging button and you will be faced with a list of players.  its reccomended to choose a shark with a lower Value than you have to give you the best chance of winning.  Once you’ve chosen one click Challenge and then choose your best 4 poker skills and proceed with the Challenge.  You can make 5 challenges a day and only sharks that are within a certain range to your own Value.  If you get challenged the red light will flash so you can see what happened.

10. Go into the Poker Room.  The poker room is a great place to test your real life poker skills against other players.  Enter into the poker room and choose a table and sit down and play real poker with your poker shark chips and try and win some more!  The bonus is that for every hand you play your ‘Experience’ poker skill increases and for every chip you win your ‘Ability’ poker skill increases.

So that should have well and truely got you going.  One thing i have missed off is the Poker Den, there are a whole host of bonus features in there that are free to use for the fist 3 days.  After the 3 days you will need to pay £5 for a 100 day membership, we have to pay the bills somehow!

As described above the full tutorial is here and if you have any other questions please ask them in the forum and someone will be glad to answer.

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