Poker Sharks is an online game that bridges the gap between online gambling and online gaming.  To play the game you can sign up (for free), and take control of your very own Poker Shark.

The game is played in real time so each day the Poker Sharks age by one day for 100 days until they grow from a young baby into a wise old Poker Shark.

Each day players login and play various games, feed them, home them, buy them gadgets, get them a job all to increase their individual score in a bid to climb higher up the rankings.

The newest addition to the site is the poker room where players can gamble their in-game chips against one another in live Sit-and-Go and Tournament tables.

The game began in September 2005 and is played over 100 day Seasons at the end of which a winner is announced.  Poker Sharks is suitable for all ages and people of all backgrounds who want to have a bit of fun online and play poker without the risk of losing money.  The game can be played totally for free, and there is no real-money gambling involved at any point.  All poker is played for fun and for play-chips but these have added value due to them being owned by your Poker Shark that maintains the edge of competitvness needed to keep the poker interesting.

For those of you that dont have a Poker Sharks account, sign up here and get one – remember, its free and will take you 2 minutes to do – you can be playing poker with your very own Poker Shark within 5 minutes.  It would be rude not to.

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Comment by Borin
2007-06-13 08:48:53

This is a very welcome return. Pokersharks is the answer to every crap Pokerplayers dream. sign up without delay, you won’t be sorry. The forum is hillariously funny as well.



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