Season 5 Final Standings

Well the big hand and the little hand have both hit 12, and Season 5 has come to a close.  There wasn’t much doubt who was going to get the silver Poker Sharks Season 5 bracelet; Blizzo has led the field pretty much from Day 1 and went on to get the highest score Poker Sharks has ever seen.  Well done Blizzo!  Congratulations to the rest of the Top 10 as well, they all get a limited edition Poker Sharks wristband – fire over your addresses to pokergods at and ill send out your bands along with shiny certificates.

Here’s the Top players:

Top 10







































The poker room played a bigger part this season with much more chips being won and lost.  The more chips won and the more hands played the more poker skill was gained – in Season 6 this will be even more important.

Congrats to the Iceman for being top of the poker room rankings for quite a while.  I launched a late serge and and Rover was always on his heals, but the end of Season big money poker put you well out of reach.

Poker Room Top 10











Honorable mentions to these 10 players too.  I’d estimate 20,000 of the 27,000 hands played in the poker room this season had one of the below involved.  Lets hope some of you are in the table above next season though yeah ;-). 










Poker Skill is the cornerstone of any great Poker Shark, who had the most?
















Challenging for that poker skill is another huge part of the game.  Who won the most?
















The daily tournaments and the WPSS are a good way to boost your chip count, here’s who won the most:
















No-one likes to come 4th in a daily tournament, just out of the payout.  Well some managed to do that with some degree od skill – in fact this season we have 3 very skilled sharks that managed to come 4th, 11 times…wow.
















Thats about it from me tonight – my head is fuzzy from numbers and databases right about now.  Remember Season 6 starts in just a few hours.  If you are 100 days old today then you will be auto-retired tomorrow so you dont need to do anything.  If you are not 100 days old today you will need to manually click ‘retire’ so you start from day 1 and have the best chance of a top 10 prize.  If you dont want to go for the top 10, then just carry on into next season and revel in being at the top for a bit!

Cya in Season 6!

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Comment by kaysus
2008-02-27 17:31:27

3 things to say……

1. wat a great season. the best so far i think
2. congrats blizzo on your outstanding victory (just cause I dont think its been said yet)
3. why doesnt it tell us who played the most hands cmon that should be in there as its a new skill (and i think it was me ) lol

have a great season all


Comment by Lynx
2008-02-28 13:16:09

Good point Kaysus – experience would be good to see here. I’ll have another look into the magical database and see what i can find…

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