Well in a nut shell I’m the person that dreamt up Poker Sharks and decided to put it on t’interent.  I like to refer to myself as the Creator of Poker Sharks rather than Managing Director or alike – slightly less ego involved I think although there is an underlying reference to God which could be quite the opposite.

I’m always coming up with weird and wonderful ideas and have always enjoyed being creative whether it be doodling, writing, designing etc etc.  Poker Sharks is the first project i have really put 100% time and effort into and I’m very proud of how far its got in a short space of time.

Earning an honest living by doing something I love whist providing a fun and value for money service is my dream and hopefully I’m not too far away.

Following the poker theme I of course love playing poker and it’s one of my ambitions to play in the World Poker Series in Vegas one day (note i said ‘play’ not ‘win’).  A lot of work to be done on my finances and poker play before then though.

And there you have it - a nice short but sweet biography, totally absent of facts or anything tangible but does the job.


Lynx aka Gareth Stephens

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