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PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2005 1:06 pm  Reply with quote

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These guidelines are designed to help the community of Poker Sharks to get along and enjoy playing the game. Please read these guide lines before posting so everyone knows the rules.

No Flaming

No aggressive, personal attacks on someone (just because of a disagreement with their point of view) will be tolerated. Flaming is a cheap shot, the easy way out, and an immature & unintelligent way of "getting back" at another poster by simply being mean-spirited. It is used in lieu of intelligent, logical discourse because the flamer is incapable of intelligence and logic, so they fall back on a personal attack. Again, it will not be tolerated in the Poker Sharks forums.

No Trolling

No posts obviously designed to attract flames, or otherwise incite other posters to react negatively and aggressively, will be tolerated. We are all, I hope, in the Poker Sharks forums with one common agreement: our love of the game and community.

No Profanity

No profanity will be tolerated in the Poker Sharks forums. Not everyone wants to read foul or off-colour language, and those who do not should not have to be subjected to it. Also, please do not post links to pornography or other adult-only or illegal content.

No Links to Illegal Software

Please do not post links to illegally copied software. Poker Sharks does not advocate or condone the illegal copying of software and will not tolerate such links in these forums.

No Cross Posting

Please do not start more than one topic (in the same OR different sections) with the same question or message. Even if your subject spans multiple "themes" (for example a suggestion that may also be a general Poker Sharks discussion), please pick the most appropriate single section, and start your topic there ONLY. Starting multiple topics with the same question or message is confusing, splits up the discussion / answers and makes the moderators jobs much harder. Please resist all temptation to cross-post. Besides, the moderators will lock or delete duplicate threads as soon as they see them.

Double/Multiple Posts

Wherever possible, please make use of the "Edit" button found to the top right of your post if you've forgotton something in your original post, or if you wish to add further detail. This helps reduce clutter on the forums, and any double/multiple posts may be merged or deleted by the moderators.

Post in the Appropriate Section

If you are starting a new topic, please give some thought to which section your topic logically belongs to before posting. Before posting a new topic in the "General" forums, please be sure it would not be more appropriate in the "Improvements" section, and vice-versa. Incorrectly placed posts will be moved to the correct place.

Descriptive Topic Subject

When starting a new topic, please give a little thought to coming up with a meaningful and descriptive subject, especially if you are looking for help or an answer to a question. With a descriptive topic subject, you will increase the likelihood of interested parties opening your topic. And, in the case of a question, you will more likely get a timely, knowledgeable answer. A subject such as "How do I..." is not descriptive. It requires people to open the thread to find out what you are asking. This means people have to spend longer finding topics that may answer their own questions, or that they can assist you with.

Staying On Topic

We like to have fun in the Poker Sharks forums, but not at the expense of getting people's questions answered. So, staying on topic is somewhat relative... as long as the original poster's question is answered in a timely fashion, some straying off topic will be tolerated. But, it will always be discouraged if it comes at the expense of helping each other, having questions answered and problems solved.

Personal dialogues in public threads

This is also somewhat subjective. While a little, personal, "back and forth" between two Poker Sharks players (probably of no interest to the rest of the community) is fine, if it continues for longer than four posts, please take it to the Private Message feature in the forums, or to other mediums (email, MSN, Yahoo etc.).

Help Requests / Question Posting Guidelines

In addition to the general guidelines above, please try to observe the following guidelines when posting questions or requests for help:

Read the FAO Forum and the Tutorial itself before posting a question or problem. While the Poker Sharks players are very happy to answer questions and provide help, it gets very tiring (and time consuming) answering the same questions over and over again in the forums. So, please help them all out and use the FAQ & Game Manual - that is what they are there for.

We want to make your experience on these forums enjoyable, and as such - we realise you will have no problems in adhering to the both the forums guidelines and the above-mentioned guidelines.

So people, lets be nice to each other and get along like one big happy family Razz !

Thank you for reading that, you must be very bored now!


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PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2005 11:39 am  Reply with quote

Joined: 22 Jun 2005
Posts: 1111
Location: Poker Heaven

Can i please remind EVERYONE of these forum rules.

A post that i see that has any element of aggression/insult/pettiness towards another player will be deleted as soon as i see it. Even if the post is 90% on topic - then the last 10% is a little dig, it'll ALL be deleted.

I've let it slide for too long so now im clamping down.

Chat and be helpful - no flaming!



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PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 1:46 am  Reply with quote
Yellow Poker Shark
Yellow Poker Shark

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