Hi All

The Iceman here.

So, Saturday saw the first of this seasons World Poker Shark Series (WPSS).

Congratulations to Superpablo, the ever present Aston Villa fan, came up trumps and beat all those before him, hows that trophy looking??..

The Blizz came in second followed by a Radar, holding a 6 high, card…………………..wowza, it can be done.

It just shows to all sharks that its worth entering. To all new sharks check out the tutorial and scroll down to the Tournament section…………….it will explain it all here, but its a great source of gaining some extra chips once a week.

The league table is hotting up with sharkies vying for feeding rights and plenty of discussion is arising on the forum, for all things PokerShark, so please join in and let everyone know your thoughts, all of which are welcome………….

The Pokerrooms are seeing more activity than last season and this is a credit to all those participating. Anyone who would like to come along and play but feels a bit apprehensive maybe, can either reply here to me or anyone else,  or maybe send Lynx, PokerGod, aka The Man Upstairs an email at pokergods@pokersharks.co.uk and we could maybe arrange a time to sit at a very cheap table, 1-2 chip hands and go through some of the format whilst having a bit of fun at the same time, its truly a myth that you will lose all your hard earned cash………EVERYONE is welcome…..

Thats it for now folks, but before i go ive gotta mention the Forums newest member…………..BLADE………..what a great name , made me laugh, sounds like a Super Hero from a Hollywood Blockbuster.

See you out there

The Iceman……………..

Hi Everyone, The Iceman Here……….

The first full room in the Poker Rooms was witnessed last night, so a unique band of sharkies made it happen.

We´re ALL famous now, not just the current reigning champion, Nakd…………..

Full House















So Season 5 has swam in and all those sharkies are touting for their places.

Early doors show that last seasons suspects are up there again, but it would appear that a few more are wanting it their own way.

It seem Blizzo and Nakdnfamis may not be without a challenge or 2 and that includes from eachother and the new skill games have attracted a few more faces to the Poker Rooms.

Lynx, PokerGod, aka The Man Upstairs has been in good form as well as Chloecakes, everyones favourite gal.

I see poor old Radar down the bottom yet again, but im sure she´ll dump this early season form and come back biting…………..careful everyone, she CAN bite aswell.

Hundy seems to be kaysus´ new found cashpoint, but we all think he needs his name changed to River Kaysus, as this lad just cant lose if you let him get that far.

Welcome to all the new sharks that have dipped in and out, your presence is welcome and so are your chips of course, but dont be fooled by most of us, we actually havent a clue what we are doing.

So keep it going everyone and well done on the Biggest and First FULL HOUSE we´ve seen yet..


Thats it for now

See you out there,

The Iceman.

Season 5 Where Art Thou?

*from the depths of beyond*

Season 5: I’m here!

Lynx: Where?

Season 5: I’ll be launching on the 16th of November at 10am (UK time, thats GMT)- thats friday, this Friday!

Lynx: Wow how good are you!

Season 5: Im amazing and full of new features, do you want to know what they are?

Lynx: nah, Im fine thanks.

Season 5: Well tough, I’m gonna tell you anyway. Ahem:

1. 2 new Poker Skills, you must know about those by now! If not read here.

2. Flowing Seasons.  Again, old news, read more here.

3. Challenging scores have been altered slightly.  A 4-0 win on a challenge you made would result in the equivalent of a 4 of a kind in the poker skill games.  This has been reduced to a Full House score.  If you win a challenge 4-0 made against you, then you get the the equivalent of a full house too.

4. Once you have won the Premier Tournament you cant enter it again to give more players the change to win it.

5. More chance for players to win the WPSS, the luck factor has been increased so low down players have more change of getting a bog win ad climbing up the rankings.

6. Poker Room Tournaments are fixed so players can build up their skills there.

7. 10 ad spots available if anyone would like to promote their site.  View the advertising page for more info.

8. The login page tab order has been corrected so you can Tab from Username to Password to Login button and press Enter and you’re in!

Lynx: Hang on, thats great!

Season 5: *nods*

Lynx: The login Tab order has been fixed at last! Wooohooo!

Season 5: Ummm, that was the easy bit.

Lynx: Well well well, I better go write a good blog post to let all the players know about all your hard work.

Season 5: Well be sure to make it amusing, your blog posts make watching paint dry like the hobby of a lifetime.

Lynx: Yeah, yeah, at least I’m not a month late!

Season 5: Cheap shot, below the belt that one…..I’m gonna plant a bug.

Lynx: Nooooo! Truce!  I’ll get writing the blog post now, you just keep your Friday 16th at 10am deadline and no slacking.

Baddah bum, Baddah Bum………Baddddaaaaaaahhaaaahh, Bum.


Hi All, The Iceman Here.

Well season 5 appears to be upon us, roll up those sleeves,  pull up a chair , dim the lights and raise the Curtain……its all systems go, again.

We´ve all missed our daily infusion of PokerSharks and a big thanks must go out to all those regular visitors to the forum and blog posts for keeping us entertained, now we can all get back to the real business of PokerSharking.

Rumour has it, this season will be more competative than before, with the PokerShark memorabilia fetching 1000´s upon well known Auction sites, a top 10 finish is a must, the most sought after being that elusive and elegant, one-time only, winners Bracelet.

There are only 2 in the world at present, will you be the third?, will you just miss out or will the new skill games jump you to the top………….

A big up to Lynx, PokerGod, aka The Man Upstairs, for minimum downtime due to the upgrades and the announcement that each season will follow on directly from the previous………….(sharks grinning all round on that one, Lynx)……..Nice one.

Lets not forget, spread the word, shout from the rooftops, tell ya Granny and spraypaint next doors dog…..Season 5 is almost here.

……So folks, polish those fins, sharpen those tactics and get ready to start living that big Pokershark dream, yet again……….


See ya out there

The Iceman.

Baddah bum, Baddah Bum………Baddddaaaaaaahhaaaahh, Bum.

Hi Everyone

The Iceman Here……

…i think i said that right, the suspense of awaiting the new season is taking its toll.

Judgeing by the forum posts, those little sharkies out there are just rareing to go and cant seem to hold back their excitement.

The tea drinking Bingo Basher, seems to be heading the crowd calling for season 5 to commence, closely followed by the serial blog poster, everyones favourite gal, Chloecakes.

Between these 2, the close season in the forum has kept us all entertained, so well done these pair.


Its all been a bit quiet from across the pond. From the country that gave us Baseball, McDonalds and Oprah Winfrey, we´ve not heard much more than a wimper…………….wimper, wimper.

Maybe they are running a tad scared, the realisation that season 4 was a one off could be hitting home, the reigning champion is nowhere to be seen………..anyone seen Nakdnfamis???

..or maybe they are just sharpening their tank gravel, quietly confident………anyone seen The Blizzzzzzzzzz..??

A little birdy tells me Drummerboy has been concocting some new, smooth one-liners, to keep his harem of sharkettes blushing, whilst Lynx, PokerGod, aka The Man Upstairs is making do with a bottle of Ale and a packet of Pork Scratchin´s.

The new features have been released, which have added further interest and gameplay to PokerSharks. Predicting further Poker Room activity, we can expect sharky upon sharky battling for a seat, so lets welcome them all when they arrive.

Thats it from me folks, see you out there………..

Mr Nasty, suspenders an´all (wink).

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