…Season 5 : Goodbye…

Hi All

The Iceman here…

Season 5 is drawing to an end, the final hurdle is in site and the checkered flag is raised.

Blizzo has taken this season by storm and hung it out to dry, so a big congratulations to him and with 5 days remaining, i for one, sincerely hope he goes past the record number of points, currentley at just over 28,000,000…………..i think its in the bag.

Nakd has held the Champions Chalice well and another fine innings has no doubt secured that runners up slot.

The Poker Rooms have seen some big hands/pots in recent days, spare cash may be flying around, so the chance to finish top of the Shark pile is still up for grabs, good luck to all who are playing.

This season has seen many firsts, we had new players, this was the most important.

We’ve had the first pokersharks Disco, CookBook and the first pokersharks full poker room.

Lynx, PokerGod, aka The Man Upstairs has kept us informed of bug progress and future plans and has no doubt been burning the midnight candle wax to keep us all entertained, so well done here.

Lets also be honest, the poker rooms havent been as stable as we would have liked and some niggles have no doubt prevented people from playing. In my opinion, without doubt, these would have been somewhat worse and playing time dramatically reduced if it hadnt been for the PokerShark Detective that is Kaysus.

This shark was somehow able to ascertain what rooms would and wouldnt work by a process, i think, only really understood by him. Over the course of a season this chap has put in many many hours in ”preparing” Poker Rooms, so that they could be played that day, posting explanations of how and why and teeing up a room for that evenings challenge.

A big shout to you Kaysus, well done buddy.

With some firsts, theres always some lasts and we wont mention the same shark for his efforts at  being the best charity, this side of the Atlantic.

This will be my last blog. Its been fun. I must thank all those who’ve replied, your comments have been funny and much appreciated and none so more so than by Everyones Favourite Gal, ChloeCakes, the No:1 Blog Poster. No doubt Lynx will be looking for someone else to carry this mantle, so get your applications in and have fun blogging your way through season 6.

After this season, i also wont be around much, either, in the Poker Rooms. Other commitments will take up too much time, so again its been great fun playing with you all and i’ll try and pop in now and then, say hi and donate some chips………..i’ll be missing Dabe and his box, the shark that has hassled me like no other this season, well done matey, you deserved your points.

Take care folks and keep living that Big Poker Shark dream,

You may………..just may…………..see me out there.

The Iceman.

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Comment by chloecakes
2008-02-18 15:14:27

icy we will all miss you, you’ve done a great job at doing the blog updates and i dont think anyone can take your place. Good luck to you my friend, you truly are the best.
hope to see you around sometime, bye for now. 🙁

Comment by Lynx
2008-02-18 19:13:58

You’ve been a huge asset to Poker Sharks Ice both as a blogger, a player and of course as a Champion.

I knew this was going to be your last blog but wasn’t aware you were going to be more distant in Season 6. Be sure to stop by a few times, even if its just to keep the ladies in check ;-).

Comment by mumsy
2008-02-19 14:28:44

nice blog as always ice, sorry to hear it will be your last.

Hope you keep popping back in to the poker room, whoelse am i gonna torment lol.

gonna miss the banter between us all, take care baldy lol x

Comment by Blue Monkey
2008-02-20 18:31:12

As I am sure you are aware I am stamping my feet in a petulant protest to you abandoning you fellow sharks. Is there anythink else in life to worry about?

If my feet stampping does not work I will have to move to stage 2 of Opperation which is to commence bribery with an unlimited supply of purple tutti fruttis.

from a not very happy blue monkey!!!

Comment by kaysus
2008-02-20 19:55:29

Ice wat a peach of a final blog, I know that there isnt a single shark that will be able to fill your boots for this position next season and so thankyou for supplying us with all the goss for this season and keeping us amused with your special kind of humour, you will be missed in here and in the poker rooms.


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