A post from Lynx (shock horror!)

It’s been a while since i wrote an update and seeing as the Iceman has been doing such a good job I thought I could get away with it a bit :-).

The time has come for me to write a few words though, so here goes… 

Progress and the future

Progress on the new poker room has been going well.  I’ll soon be opening this up to a few beta tester players to iron out the final problems, (let me know in the comments or via email if you’d like to be involved).  A big bonus of the new poker room, not only will it work seamlessly with no random freezing, but we will be able to play tournaments.  Not just 1 table tournaments either, but multi-table tournaments that can involve every poker shark player we have.  The WPSS is currently disabled and being worked on but before long we will have a real life WPSS that you play yourself!  No random elements built in, no advantages for the bigger players, just you and a set of chips playing real poker against other real people.  The WPSS would be played twice a week to be account for players in different time zones and if they’re successful more frequent daily multi-table tournamets can be scheduled in.

How good does that sound?

I think it will be a great way of getting players into the poker room and knowing there will be people in there to play at certain times – plus there will be a lot of chips to be won in the weekly WPSS.  It will be great fun.

The money thing, donations?

A few monetry changes (booooooo) have happened over the last week or so.  A new line in adverts are displayed on the right of the game in 100×100 squares.  These boxes can be brought from AdToll and are dirt cheap at the moment.  As Poker Sharks is still be officially reveiwed by AdToll an ad on the right can be brought for 20cents a week, thats it, 20cents – thats 10p!  So if you want an ad of your own to get some interest in your site, or just say Hi to other players via the ad, head over to Adtoll and buy one.

A donate button has bean added to the side of the blog as requested – its below the ‘Links’ at the top.  So for those that are feeling generous or have a bit of cash burning a hole, feel free to send over your pennies.

Season 5 and onto Season 6

Season 5 is coming to a close and it looks like there’s going to be a clear winner.  There’s plenty of battles going on further down the rankings and I suppose now is the time for other players to start thinking about next season.  If you are well down and would like to know how it feels to be in that Number 1 slot, you could retire your shark now, in 100 days time you’ll be the oldest shark in the game and all the regular players will be 20 days behind leaving you the best chance of a top spot.  You won’t be eligible for a prize, but you’ll be number 1 for a bit.  Depends on where in the rankings you tend to come I suppose.  (you could get your own back on that player that challenged you all those times and have the advantage of being 20 days older than them – not that i encourage revenge…)

Season 6 will be interesting to see how the new format plays out.  For the first time a season will start and there will be a whole host of sharks much older than all the sharks that have restarted so should make for interesting watching as players climb up through the older sharks.  I’ll be watching, popcorn in hand.

Thats all folks

Well that’s about it for this post.  There is loads happening and lot’s of it is very close to being launched so loads to be looking foward to.  Once we have all the main things boxed off we have some cool new developments to bring plus a load of promotion to get the player numbers well up.  It’s all taken longer than expected, but will be well worth the wait.  Thanks for all of your patience, and I hope you keep enjoying the game – we’re working very hard to make it better and we’re getting there.



*does the shuffle*


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Comment by mumsy
2008-02-11 17:55:19

omg, ( shock horror )

was that really lynx who done that post pmsl,

well its been a while, almost forgotten you could do them lol ( only kiddin lynx )

well hope all the new changes go well for you and you get more people into the rooms.

good luck with it all and good luck for season 6 everyone xxxxxxxxxx

Comment by kaysus
2008-02-11 18:26:42

all sounds great fella. I will of course be more than willing to spend hours doing some testing for ya on the new poker rooms so just give me a shout when im needed…i like the idea of a wpss that get played by players and the tourny tables working sounds great. how long before this is a reality??????

going in loaded, coming out skint……

Comment by Lynx
2008-02-11 21:57:01

Well development is going well so i would expect fully working multi-table tournaments to be ready early Season 6. Hopefully sooner.

I’ll be sending you the new poker room soon, you’re the best person qualified to help fix these bugs i reckon so i’ll be asking for your help.

Comment by Blue Monkey
2008-02-12 12:32:53

All sounds really good Lynx, I know how frustrating it is when you finally win a hand in the poker rooms and the table freezes!! Would be great to have a real life tornament too no doubt I will get my ass kicked but it will be fun trying!!!

If you need help with testing I am always about.

Comment by shaun1e
2008-02-12 15:25:23

Wow, I need to pop into Poker Sharks more frequently!

Comment by chloecakes
2008-02-14 15:50:18

Great blog Lynx, hope everything runs smoothly for you. c’mon you lot, hit that donation button, its all for a good cause. Where would we be without our beloved pokersharks? lol

Comment by Lynx
2008-02-16 03:02:04

CC you’re an absolute star – first one to donate and a very generous one at that.

As soon as I have a line of poker shark handbags, youre getting a free one!

Comment by chloecakes
2008-02-16 12:44:12

whoooo hoooo a pokersharks handbag, cheers lynx. I will treasure it 4eva, lol. 🙂

Comment by chloecakes
2008-02-16 17:58:11

Lynx! i like the idea of playing the wpss yourself but this will cause problems for some of us who share the same i.p address, for instance lmw and myself wont both be able to enter. It may be possible for us both to play if we where not on same table but say we both made it to final table then what happens? Will there be a way around this?

Comment by Lynx
2008-02-17 03:50:30

Hmmm, this is a good point.

Unfortunatley it will have to work the same way as all other poker rooms work. You can enter the tournaments and play on different tables but if you get put on the same table only 1 can play.

This is purely to stop people entering loads of times and, well, cheating.

The downside to stopping the possible cheats is that it means people on the same IP can’t play the live WPSS.

I still propose to have the normal WPSS back as usual so that will still be there.

The same IP thing is difficult to get around and theres no easy answer im afraid.

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