Hi Everyone

The Iceman here.

Fresh back from the first Live By satellite International Disco Extravaganza, its down to normal Pokersharks Business.

The Top 10 is still ‘tooing and froing’ with some of those ageing sharks looking for a Viagra type rise, into the top echelons, can they do it..?, its changing everyday.

We’re just about to come round the final bend on season 5, Blizzo is commanding a mighty lead and it looks like the initial pacemaker wont be caught. Nakd has stamped his authority on 2nd place but lets spare a thought for ”Airbus”, Pokersharks newest shark, way down there in 213th place and only 2 days old……….cant wait to see you in the PokerRooms Airbus, come and join us.

Rover has returned to his favourite seat at the tables and is making up for some lost time.

Its good to see them filling up so regulary and the magician that is Kaysus keeps us all playing round the clock, maybe he can weave some of that magic and stop himself propping up the pack, hey maybe he can even find a hair-cure for some of the follicaly challenged amongst us…that would be a winner..!!

Moving on ……

OK, so the blind date may not be a boy meets girl type of thing but a big heads up to Spindry for setting up the first Meet….details here.

PokerSharks Get Together

What a great idea and im sure it will be a fun evening, especially as ive heard through my secret seaweed grapevine, that Lynx, PokerGod, aka The Man Upstairs could well be doing the Lynxy-Shuffle on the hour, every hour to keep you all entertained.

If i may, Spindry, also offer an alternative source of accomodation, a site ive used a fair amount…www.laterooms.com, covers the whole of the UK, simple and easy to use, with reveiws available. a quick search finds a guesthouse 1.6 miles from the city centre at £25.00 for a single or £45.00 for a twin/double. Here It Is. or

by all means check out the site yourselves, its easy to use….Here It Is.…it may help out.

So whoever is thinking about attending the meet, shout your name up to Spindry and have a wonderful evening…..remember all, what Goes on Tour is there to be shared with the rest of us, we look forward to the pictures.

Spread those PokerShark Seeds.

As usual Folks……………..I’ll see you out there.

The Iceman.



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Comment by kaysus
2008-01-26 15:37:25

Nice work ice as usual
so do i take it that the Ice WILL be attending…….


Comment by spindry
2008-01-26 20:20:28

Nice one Fella, more publicity the better, and I do hope you will be gracing us with your presence, and if not why not ?? and it better be a bloddy good reason if you aint coming you have been warned..lol.

As usual matey excellent blog.

Catch ya in the rooms soon.


Comment by chloecakes
2008-01-27 03:40:20

🙁 i cant make the meet up as got no baby sitter and LMW will most probably be working. Hope you all have a great time and get some good pics to share with us all. Hopefully there will be another meet up in the near future that we will be able to attend.

P.S….awesome blog once again icy, you truly are amazing 🙂

Comment by mumsy
2008-01-27 11:34:17

as usual nice blog baldy pmsl.

wot are you all waiting for, any excuse for a night out is good in my eyes lol.

so get your names down as soon as you can, hope to see you all there x

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