…..Merry New Year…..

Hi Everyone,

The Iceman Here, fresh from dropping his beer all over himself, but hey , i decided to start the New Year celebrations early..!!!

Another Year is upon us and as we look forward to a year of Fine Vintage Wines, a rare Newcastle United Home Win and Poker Shark World Domination, we must also reflect on how we’ve acted in the year past.

Did we really steal that Poker Table..?

Did we really wish we could have challenged that same shark more?

Did we really shout, err, SUGAR when we tried for a Royal Flush but ended up with a pair of 3’s

and…Did we really go All-In in the Poker Rooms when all we had was Queen High….

Well of course we did, thats what Poker Sharks is all about and long may it continue into the New Year and beyond.

Lynx, PokerGod, aka The Man Upstairs, fresh back from spreading the Poker Shark Brand on a tropical beach along with some local lovelies, tells me to expect some good changes for the forthcoming year, that will continue to add new members to the Poker Rooms, thus hopefully filling our pockets with an influx of new chips.

On the other hand they could quite as easily be taken away, as some of us already know, dont we K_YS_S……(please feel free to add in whatever vowel is correct).

Well done matey, i see youve got off bottom slot, only 55 days to go….!!!

That said, remember all and i think it was Shear Toon, it is very possible, especially from here on in as people now have plenty of cash, to get a 100k pot in just one hand, so it can all change around very quickly.

Good Luck to all as we aproach the 2nd half of the season and may you enjoy whatever celebrations you have for the New Year, 2008.

As usual, see you out there……

The Iceman.

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Comment by chloecakes
2007-12-30 23:47:27

yet again another great blog icy, all the best to you for the new year. Would also like to wish mumsy, lynxie, kaysus, jen,(aka radar) spin, toon, blade, drummer, blue monkey, and all the rest of u poker sharks that have become a regular fixture in the rooms (sorry to many to name, lol)a happy new year.
hope you all have a great 1 xxx

Comment by The Iceman
2007-12-31 00:13:05

Thanks CC, (everyones favourite Gal) but i think you missed out LMW.

Comment by chloecakes
2007-12-31 03:17:12

lol icy, i can wish lmw a happy new year in person 😉

Comment by Drummerboy
2007-12-31 03:02:32

Happy New Year to one and all. 2008 is gonna be a great year – I can feel it in my drums!!

Comment by Shear Toon
2007-12-31 14:59:12

Another great blog Ice-master!

Hope everyone has a great New year, I’m just off to get myself a poker table (again!)

Remember, let’s be careful out there

Comment by kaysus
2007-12-31 16:14:45

wat its not the new year yet????? why have i got this god awfull hangover then. oh well best just start drinking again then (chuckle)
As usual Ice’s blog has been the highlight of the week wat with the poker rooms down ive had to stray to another poker room but be assurred its for practice purposes only. i feel so sorry for this k_ys_s bloke sounds like hes having a rough time but i hear hes a goodlooking chap so im sure he will get through it..
Happy new year to all poker sharks young and old, ill reel of the regulars- The ice of course, hundy, chloecakes, lmw mumsy, blade spin, lynx, teddy + wife, woo, blizzo and staff, and ill save on the phone call and wish my little bro (spiderpig) and the old man wolfy a happy new year too. May the new year be prosperous for you all in and out of the poker rooms.


Comment by mumsy
2007-12-31 16:22:32

Hi All,

just want to wish evryone on pokersharks, a happy and prosperous new year.

Enjoy the celebrations tonite evryone (as i know i will pmsl), cya in 2008 xxxxx

Comment by Lynx
2008-01-01 20:27:17

Happy New Year one and all.

Here’s to a successful 2008!

Comment by Shaun1e
2008-01-03 20:37:15

I wonder if Lynx is really playing at all. I mean, if he’s the great Creator of Poker Sharks, why isn’t he top EVERY SEASON?

Ah well, have fun during 2008 everyone!

Comment by Shaun1e
2008-01-03 20:39:18

Speaking of Seasons, Season 5 ends on March 1st (St Davids Day for Welshies like me!)

Comment by Lynx
2008-01-04 12:35:23

I am playing, but i dont challenge anyone so I dont do too well in the rankings.

I dont play competitively unless im in the poker room where I can’t lose on purpose so play as normal (and lose anyway!).

I could easily win every season with 99999999999999999999999 points, but then i dont really think that would be in the spirit of things would it :-p?

Comment by let me win
2008-01-04 15:18:24

you would not easily win lynx,blizzo and nakd would have 999999999999999999999999.lmao.

Comment by Lynx
2008-01-04 15:47:26

You forget the power of the PING! that only I have 🙂

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