Hi Everyone…………..The Iceman Here.

Well a full house at the Pokerrooms seems to be the norm, now, so the aim has to be having a choice of tables and who to play…..long may it continue.

This week has seen a few other firsts too……………..none more so than SuperPablo leading from the front and taking out the first PokerSharks Advert, so well done to him, even if it is a fantasy that Aston Villa will be the top of anything (ahem)….

The screen shot also shows some censorship as it is alledged the first PokerSharks Marriage proposal happened and further talk in the Pokerrooms was rife, so to protect the innocent, ive done a good ole Tony Blair and Covered it up……

The current and reigning Champion Nakd has been seen a little bit more in the Pokerrooms, no doubt fearful of his soon demise from the PokerSharks Throne and was cautiously checking out the opposition


So 1 picture really does tell a lot of stories………

PokerSharks Facebook has been born, so those interested in joining this and spreading the word, check it out…..PSFB

Well done to Sheer Toon for the setup, at least someone in a Newcastle Shirt has scored this week and we await with anticiaption the birth of PokerSharks Myspace from Blizzo.

All of this is great advertising for the future of PokerSharks, but the biggest up in my opinion must go to Radar who posted the ‘Fundraising ‘ Thread that started the ball rolling…..well in Girl.

I had also suggested a PokerShark YouTube video, Lynx, PokerGod, aka the man upstairs has given a few pointers on this, so we await someone with the visionary PokerShark Skills to take up the mantle and produce a telling video clip, but please………..please, it has to include the Lynxy Shuffle………….cant wait.

Along with the first PokerSharks Calendar suggestion, ala WI style, we look forward to PokerSharks Airlines, PokerSharks TV (hey why not) and…………..PokerSharks Icecream.

Well Thats it for now folks, keep those suggestions coming in and as always……….

 …..I’ll see you out there.

The Iceman

PS..anyone know where i can buy a packet of Tutti Frutti’s…?

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Comment by Lynx
2007-12-01 17:53:33

When the YouTube video comes out, it will be sure to have the Lynxie shuffle in there.

Pity i missed the full table this time, have to start getting 2 tables on the go.

Comment by mumsy
2007-12-01 19:35:00

wot is the lynx shuffle lol

dont think i’ve ever seen it

must be gud if its being requested pmsl

Comment by chloecakes
2007-12-03 03:00:24

🙂 pmsl, the lynxie shuffle 🙂
icy! every now and again i’ve seen tutti frutti’s in asda and tesco’s. Yummy sweets them, lol

Comment by Shaun1e
2007-12-05 18:36:01

Wow, the Lynxy Shuffle, cant wait…


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