Hello everyone,

The planned short break between Season 4 and Season 5 didnt quite go to plan. This was mainly down to me deciding to make quite a drastic change into how Poker Sharks runs and plays out.

So what is this drastic change?

Instead of everything stopping at the end of a Season, the game will continue to run. So Season 5 will run straight into Season 6 without a days break! Not a single day without Poker Sharks :-)!


Every Poker Shark can be played for 100 days, after this you will be forced to restart another Poker Shark from scratch. Players can decide to start a Shark on Day 1 of a Season and have the best chance of getting the top 10 at the end of a season (day 100). However, sharks can start at whatever time during a Season that they want to and as Seasons now run in one continuous loop, the game-life of a Poker Shark can span over 2 seasons. This means if you were to start on day 50 of a season you would be well behind the top sharks for the first 50 days, but once the season restarts you would be 50 days ahead!

Being outside the top 10 will be more fun

More and more players will get a taste for what its like to be in the Top 10 postions as these will be constantly rotating as sharks hit 100 days old and are forced to retire.

Take a Season for all this to take affect

Season 5 will seem to run as normal but the diifferences will come when everyone comes to restart for Season 6 as there will be a host of sharks that joined midseason that havent restarted yet.

However, you dont have to wait for day 100 to restart a poker shark. If you join midway through and decide to go for a top 10 finish players can restart a Poker Shark after day 7. So play for a top 10 finish and start on day 1, or play mid season and see how high up the rankings you can get competing only with the sharks that start on the same day as you.

And thats not it

As already mentioned in a previous post there will be 2 new Poker Skills that will only be able to be improved via your Poker Room activity.

Yes we want you in the poker room!

The poker room is great fun and a good place to meet and get to know fellow players. Plus, you’ll be earning your poker shark extra poker skill whether you win or lose!


Well the 2 new poker skills are Ability and Experience:

Ability – For every 10 chips won you will earn yourself 1 poker skill. Dont worry if you lose chips, you cant have a negative poker skill so it wont go lower than zero. I won over 200k in the space of 2 weeks in the poker rooms which would now translate into 20,000 poker skill – not to be sniffed at!

Experience – For every hand you play you will earn 1 poker skill. There were over 35,000 hands played last season in the poker room and there promises to be way more from now on, so there easy poker skill to be won.

So when will this dumb game start again???

Well theres a question that ive been ducking a weaving for atleast a month. Well fingers crossed Season 5 will be ready this week. But as described above once we are underway this time, Poker Sharks Seasons will run forever with no breaks! The problem with a big change like this is it does take a bit of time and does prooduce scope for lots of little bugs to creep in – hemce the delay.

Hopefully the change goes down well with the current players plus you can all see the benefits that this wil bring to the new players that come in over the weeks/months/years.

This really will shake up how a season plays out and have a serious impact on tactics for getting those top 10 places when a season hits day 100.

Any questions or comments please feel free to speak your mind. This new big change in how seasons work will no doubt cause a bit of confusion so please ask if you dont quite ‘get it’ at the moment.



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Comment by The Iceman
2007-11-05 18:33:01


Its back, but im a litle bit disappointed in the new PokerSkills, Lynx………….i thought PokerSharks would be allowed to flirt with eachother and gain points for making some waves………!!!

That aside, it sounds great and evens up the playing field for season 6, it also sounds great abo……..ah sod the rules, lets just play…..

Comment by Lynx
2007-11-05 18:51:32

A flirting poker skill?

But that would mean Chloecakes would win every season on that one poker skill alone and we can’t have that.

Comment by chloecakes
2007-11-05 20:23:19

pmfsl! that sounds good to me, lol, really looking forward to playing again, see you all there soon xxx

Comment by chloecakes
2007-11-05 20:24:08

lynxie! you having a race with me to see who can post the most? rofl

Comment by chloecakes
2007-11-05 21:46:46

OMG! i just realised that you called me a flirt lynxie, grrrrrrrrr you best watch out now, lol, i’m on the war path, lmao.

Comment by Shear Toon
2007-11-06 01:50:58

OH YES!!!!! Can’t wait!!

I’ve decided to stop posting on SoccerAM.net (as its been down for almost a month) so I can spend my time getting my butt wupped in the poker room.

PokerSharks and Poker Room back in my life, I feel almost human again. Can’t wait to see you guys there! 🙂

Comment by mumsy
2007-11-06 19:13:00

well cc we all know you are a flirt, your nothing like me are you pmsl

I’m a LADY lol

Comment by chloecakes
2007-11-06 19:22:44

OMG! you cheeky biatch, lol. Dont you start or i will have to kick your ass in poker room to, lol

Comment by chloecakes
2007-11-06 19:23:30

oh yeah, and you are far from being a lady, lol

Comment by kaysus
2007-11-06 19:51:05

I have missed all this so much

cya all soon

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Comment by mumsy
2007-11-06 21:32:34

we know k thats why we gave you a little taster lol

see you all soon lol

Comment by chloecakes
2007-11-07 00:57:28

think you missed it more mumsy, lol, thats why you started attackin me, lol. see you peeps soon, love and miss ya all lots xx

2007-11-14 23:51:28

[…] 1. 2 new Poker Skills, you must know about those by now! If not read here. […]

Comment by shaun1e
2007-11-30 20:10:17

Wow, season 5 is cool!

And im gonna win!…one day…lol…


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