Hi Everyone

The Iceman Here……

With a weekend all set for some severe Poker Room Bashing, Sharks set the cushion on the chair, soft drinks and beer where positioned within arms reach and the mandatory packet of Gummy Bears ready to be devoured..everything was set………….!!

…alas, the Poker Rooms were down.

Emergency services were called, casualty departments overrun, the Samaritans overloaded.

Many reports of  Fire departments , worldwide, called to stop people jumping from a great height, …………..these were dark days,…………. not seen since the Great Plague of 1665, the Blitz of the 1940’s and the Great Hurricane of 1987..

What would Sharks do?

Well thats the question here folks……….what did you do?

Without that PokerShark Fix that is as infectious as a Kent County Hospital, as needy as a needed thing or as smooth as a DrummerBoy oneliner, what did all those PokerSharks do without their Linus Comfort Blanket.

Lynx, PokerGod, aka The Man Upstairs, has apparentley been working round the clock to ensure normal play within the next 24hrs but will be in need of some TLC himself after a sleepless weekend……..oh and also for being on trial for the suicidal state of the PokerSharks world.

So blow him a kiss or 2, he may just need it…

So what did you do……?

See You Out There,

The Iceman

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Comment by chloecakes
2007-10-15 19:20:48

rofl icy, man you and your blogs are killing me, pmsl. you lot ready to meet my demands and i’ll let your beloved god free from my evil grasp? pmsl

Comment by Shear Toon
2007-10-15 20:16:25

I’ll tell ya what I did Ice. I wept, that’s right, I wept, I’m a grown man and I can admit when I cry, infact, I wailed like a little girl.

Anywho! Ok CC, you can win, just give us back our Lynx and let’s play!

I’m not blowing Lynx a kiss but a firm hand-shake will have to do! 😀

Comment by mumsy
2007-10-15 22:48:58

Toon, have you forgot she has a parner in crime, and im not that eager to release him yet, i have to come in the top ten at least, if you meet her demands you have to meet mine too, pmsl

Comment by chloecakes
2007-10-15 23:10:28

your god is free rofl

Comment by Lynx
2007-10-19 11:58:14

im freeee

Comment by DrummerBoy
2007-10-22 23:26:49

there’s no other way to explain how I feel…..I am gagging for it!!!

Roll on season 5…

Comment by mumsy
2007-10-22 23:51:10

theres no answer to that drummer lol

but like u roll on season 5

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