Season 4 Final Standings

Well here we are at the end of the 100 days of Poker Shark days.

Congratulations all, its been a very exciting season after the loooong wait after season 3.  One thing i can promise is the wait will be no where near that long for season 5.

The poker room has brought a great new element to the game and let players get to know the people behind the sharks.  Being the Creator of the game i dont like to try too hard in the main game but i have great fun in the poker room against you all so if you fancy your chances against the poker god of poker sharks you can find me in there.

Ok onto the formalities – Congratulations Nakdnfamis for winning Season 4 of Poker Sharks!  You and Blizzo really battled to the end but you just about won out in the end.  It’s the closest its ever been for 1st and 2nd but well done Nakdfamis for coming out on top:

Top 10

And heres the rest of the Top 100:

Top 11-40

Top 41-70

The 2nd kind of mini competition that was running was the rankings in the poker room.  I think a few players had never played live poker before but the poke room was a great place to learn and i could tell by the end the begginers had improved vastly since the beggining.  So who topped the chart?  Well it’s a familar name in The Iceman (Season 3s overall winner and new blog poster).  Congrats Iceman, you jumped above Kaysus2007 on the last day so thats another 1st and 2nd that went right down to the wire.  Here’s how they finished:

Poker Room Winners

Not to rub it in or anything but the poker room isn’t just about winning – its about socialising and getting to know the other players a bit better.  The following chart shows some of the players that were ever present in the poker room and added a huge amount in banter so theyre worth a shout out:

Poker Room Losers

There are plenty of more stats tables that i will load up tomorrow – for now the Top players of the main game and poker room can bask in their glory.

I’m really pleased at how Poker Sharks is coming along and developing into a fully complete game.  I have taken on board many ideas for Season 5 and a fair few will be happening (more to come on those).  One major thing will be a big incentive to get more players into the poker room by making it a bigger factor in the main game – if you won’t go in there willingly i’ll just have to force you =p.

But yeah, its been a learning curve of a season with the new poker room but i think the majority have players have enjoyed it and hopefully I’ll see you back very soon for season 5!

(PS Poker Sharks was on Pete Price’s Radio City 96.7FMs radio show tonight as one of their listeners favourite websites.  That listener was our very own Let Me Win, big thankyou to him for phoning in and getting on the show and help spread the word.  I even called in after I heard him and bundled my way through a short interview about poker sharks.  I dont know how many people listen to that show but a few must have come over so it’s a nice piece of free publicity.  LMW has won free poker den access for the next 200 days by doing this – if anyone else has a similar idea, please let me know and i’ll be sure to reward you. )

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Comment by The Iceman
2007-09-20 16:40:13

Nice One LMW…….a well deserved 200 day free pass….wish i thought of that..

Someone else in the rooms, might have been mumsy, not sure , mentioned PS Bumper Stickers………..nice, like ya style.

Comment by Shaun1e
2007-12-07 21:15:30

Well, look at me, 70th place!

Ill do better this season and get…69th place!

Ok, just kidding, good luck all!

PS. I wanna be a blog poster!

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