Further Stats on Season 4

It was a long night last night but I’m more awake today so here goes the rest of the stats tables for all of you that want to get the calculater out:

So who was the most successful in winning the ingame Tournaments and WPSS, well it was these players:

Chips Won

On the other side of the coin, who entered the most tournaments and came 4th, just out of the money.  Kinda sucks to be in this list, come on everyone, lets say a big awww for Jen Jen (Radar).

Most Unlucky

Now for the players that won the most in challenges.  I’m sure you will all recognise these names as they must have lit up that dreaded red challenge button enough!

Poker Skill Won

For now that is all the tables i have.  If there’s any particular other stats you’d like to see leave a comment and i’ll do my best to add it to the post.

Oh and welcome to all the new Pete Price  members that have joined in the last 24 hours.  My and Let Me Wins appearance on his show seems to have encouraged a few of you to sign up, so welcome to Poker Sharks =).


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Comment by chloecakes
2007-09-20 02:29:56

well done lynx and let me win for getting on to pete prices phone in on radio city 96.7 fm radio. lets hope loads more listeners join up and have as much fun on this site as all the rest of us have.

Comment by Lynx
2007-09-20 11:02:39

Radio 2 have a very popular show that gives out a ‘Website of the Day’ or maybe week?

If anyone get Poker Sharks on that then you have Poker Den membership for life!

Comment by The Iceman
2007-09-21 13:12:40

dosent look like my first message came through, but ill say well done again LMW……someone mentioned bumper stickers the other night in the poker rooms, ….sounds like a plan…???

Comment by Lynx
2007-09-21 15:52:05

Your last message did come through, but it was on the post before this one (http://www.pokersharks.co.uk/blog2/?p=26#comments)

Not sure about bumper stickers – would people really be prepared to put a sticker in the back of their car for the Poker Sharks cause?

Comment by let me win
2007-09-22 05:36:44

i drive a works minibus so stick a body to it i aint bothered

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