Poker Sharks is played over the course of a ‘Season’. A Season will last about 100 days; once the Season is over the top 100 players will be announced and then the game will be reset and started again. Don’t worry if you’re joining half way through a Season, there is always a chance you can catch up if you have some big wins on the poker tables. Even if you don’t catch up, use this time to learn the game so when the game is reset for another Season you will have a fair chance of a top ranking. Poker Sharks is a free, online, multiplayer game. Thousands of players from all over the world play Poker Sharks and are all interacting every day. Sign up takes just 1 minute and then you can play for as long as you want totally for free. You can pick your own Poker Shark, name him, feed him, buy him a house, get him a job, train his poker skills, the list goes on. Log in each day for just 5 minutes to do the essentials or play for hours at the poker tables to try and win some extra chips to buy him some luxuries. Poker Sharks is a NOT a gambling site, you will only ever be able to play poker with in-game ‘play chips’. Meaning people of all ages, young and old can enjoy the wonderful balance of luck and skill that makes up one of the worlds most popular games – Texas Holdem Poker! When you first sign up for your Poker Shark he will be a baby. As time goes by and his poker skills get better and better watch him grow into an old and wise Poker Shark that knows every trick in the book! Choose from 8 fantastic Poker Shark designs all with special abilities for particular poker skills – choose one that matches your playing style or just one you like the look of! Poker Sharks has its very own poker room and offers a massive array of different options for keen poker players. Choose a ‘Sit and Play’ table and play Limit, Pot Limit and of course No-Limit Texas Holdem on tables of either 10, 6 or just 2 players.. Play Single-table Tournaments that have a fair blind structure that keeps the game moving at a good pace. Register for Multi-table Tournaments that are starting EVERY hour – watch out for the World Poker Shark Series (WPSS) that is played at 2pm and 10pm GMT every Sunday with a massive 30,000 extra play chips in the prize pool for every 20 players registered! During the lifetime of your Poker Shark you will need to buy a variety of different items that all add towards the overall Value of your Poker Shark. You’ll be able to buy him a house, start off in the Cardboard box and see if you can work your way up to the Barrier Reef! Buy many items, ranging from a pair of sunglasses right the way up to your very own Casino! Research different diets to improve your Poker Sharks Value by increasing amounts each day – the quicker you get him off Algae soup and eating Swordfish and Caviar the happier he’ll be! Each day you can enter your Poker Shark into a Tournament. You don’t play this tournament, your Poker Sharks will play it all by himself and come back to you the next day with the result and hopefully some winnings! Work your way up from the White tournament right the way through to Premier. You get to challenge other Poker Sharks to one-on-one showdowns each day. Choose the 4 poker skills you think will be better than your opponents and battle head to head on each of them. The winner will walk away with some of the other players precious poker skill. Every Poker Shark has 8 poker skills: Bluffing, Aggression, Allin, Check-Raise, Slow Play, Patience, Fold and Flat-Call. Each day you will be able to train 4 of these poker skills by playing one hand of Texas Holdem poker. The better the hand you achieve the more poker skill you win for that attribute. Play the job game to earn more and more chips each day. Build up your bank role so you can buy the best items for your Poker Shark and still have some left to take to the poker tables. The game is played by getting 4 of a kind for a pay rise, 4 Aces will earn you 3 pay rises which equals a straight promotion. Can you work your way up from Poker Table Cleaner right up to owning your own Casino? Poker Sharks is a unique game that fills the gap between online gambling and online gaming. Players can enjoy playing poker without the fear of losing real money. With play chips counting towards your poker room rankings and Poker Sharks value, players don’t waste their chips so there are no silly allins and crazy calls like other play money sites. Poker Sharks can played for 5 minutes a day or for as long as you want at the poker tables – its totally up to you. With our friendly community of players all willing to help in the forum and at the poker table, Poker Sharks is a great game for all those who like a challenge and a bit of fun online. Sign up for your free account and adopt your very own Poker Shark and get playing. download flash 8...
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